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I Meet Some Distant Clones

September 16, 2010

Well I didn’t know that there was a clone of me, forty-four to be exact, wandering around Canada. I don’t know how it happened, but it seems that we’re not all the same. I made this discovery on Monday 13, when I finished a survey set up for the grade 7/8 class at Turnberry, from Wingham, and Joseph Kerr, from Snowlake.

Every single student in our over sized classroom (it’s about 2,700 km big) likes sports. Whether we’re playing sports, or watching them, they seem to inspire, excite, or entertain us. Also, we are all, hopefully, excited to begin this year by doing something extraordinary….We’re the first students to do a year-long project with another class from a different province!

Most of us copycats seem to enjoy hanging out with their friends after school, in fact, one of our Snowlake counterparts, Sully, even goes to his teachers house to play video games! Before this starts to sound too weird, I should mention that one of Mr. Fisher’s kids is in his class, so his friends come over to their teacher’s house. A lot of us also seem to have some sort of fear (two brave kids are fearless), ranging from spiders to heights, to being attacked by animals, and losing their fingers.

It seems that only a few of my clones were able to keep up with my musical talent, as only four of us (AverBons and I from Turnberry, and Sydney and Sully from Joseph Kerr) take guitar lessons. I can play either an electric or acoustic. My favourite is dependent on the song. HHMM! It turns out that only Stuart, Chantel, Edispeel, and I are the select few gamers that like Mario games! I wonder why the rest of us don’t like Mario? I mean, really. Who doesn’t want to be a plumber who can save princesses from giant, evil, turtles?

What went wrong with the cloning operation?

That’s strange. Apparently I am the only one that enjoys making model rockets. I find that making and launching model rockets is very entertaining. Here is another thing that is unique to me; I’ve lived in three different houses that were all on the same street. My mother really likes to renovate homes, so when there was all three homes on that one street, she couldn’t help herself. I wonder if any of my clones have done that?

Wait a second. It looks like I don’t have any clones, just 22 new classmates. I guess I just thought that since we all had so much in common, we were all the same. Oh well. I still can’t wait for our next Skype call, so we can get our year started!


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  1. Making rockets! sounds like your ready to lunch a satillite or go to the moon or
    something. That is very strange only a few people like Mario games, I like Mario games personaly myself. But since you like making rocket you look like you might an exploision once an a while, me I like working with plants myself. I really like you blog, I hope you keep writing.


  2. This is a very interesting blog. I liked how you told things that everyone likes to do in Wingham and Snowlake. I also go to my teachers house to hang out.
    I have a question what kind of things do you like to do outdoors? Whether its will your friends or not.

  3. Thank you foserious22. I am glad that you think this is an interesting blog! When I’m outdoors I usually play my guitar under a tree, or play some kind of sport (most often, I will shoot baskets or play road hockey). I often have my friends come over to hangout. I have a question that’s been bugging me since I read that spreadsheet. When kids from your class go to your teachers house to play video games ect, does he actually play games against you to? I’ve been picturing him playing Call of Duty against a student, beating him/her, and then giving that kid an F on video gaming.

  4. Hey sigfriedline. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think I’m ready to send out any satellites yet! I plan on making a video of a takeoff that I can send to the Idea Hive classmates. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hi. I love your blog! I forgot to mention that I also love Mario games! My favourite Mario characters are: King Boo, Bower Junior, and Kamech. I love the bad guys and the bosses. I also love the series, The Legend of Zelda.

  6. Christina permalink

    Three houses on one street eh!!! It buys the guitars, the Mario games, the snacks for your buddies, and will pay for your education….unless you decide to become a stand up comedian!! LOL!!
    Great Blog!!! I love it! See you at home!! :-))

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