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The Web and The World

October 6, 2010

The Idea Hive classmates read the web book What the Web is For, by Dr. Weinburger, and were told to recreate either a 3d representation of the web, or make a collage. 

This book is made to show us what the web is for, and to prove to us that humans are at our best when we are caring for each other, which is often on the web (as you can be whoever you want to be on the Internet).

 Based somewhat off of this book, I made my art tittled “The Web and The World”.


I wanted my art to show that people can connect to one another, even if they’re far away. This piece of art is to show that everyone is connected in some way. I showed this by having a picture of the world at the back, with several computers stationed around it. These computers represent people, and the two “people” at the front are exchanging a message.

 My art is a 3d representation of the web, with a semi-collage of computers covering parts of the box. It has a picture of the world occupying the back of the box, with a Wordle about the internet on the bottom. Two clay computers are on the the left and right sides. A wire is taking messages from one computer to the other computer. To create my art I used a cardboard box, clay, black paper, wire, tape, paper letters, and several computer print offs.

I put a lot of effort into this art, and I’m proud of that. I also like how I included a Wordle, and the semi-collage of computers surrounding the Earth. If I could change this, I would be a bit more artistic and definitely take more care in my work. I would also do a better job when working with clay.  

If you were to do this, what you do for a project?

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  1. Ken permalink

    Hey, I really like your Project! I think that it is very well done. I loved doing the “What the web is for” project. It was a really interesting project. Anyways, keep blogging!

  2. Riley permalink

    I like how the wires came out of the world. Ithought was a great project it looks good. What inspired you to make it?

    • In the web book it said that “we are all connected”, so I got a picture of the world and connected it with the other computers. Thanks a bunch for commenting.

  3. I like the picture of your art. The different wires connecting to the web shows every thing is turly connected. I don’t get it where are the people. But I like the post and keep on doing what you do well.

    • Hi Jason. I actually said in my post that the people are represented as computers. Thank you for commenting.

  4. Christina permalink

    When i looked at the project initially i really didn’t understand it. However, when you explained it, it’s really true. It’s amazing how well we are connected globally. You depicted this perfectly. Great Job!

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