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Texas Vs. Wingham; Eh or Y’all?

November 8, 2010

Texas Vs. Wingham


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Ever wondered what the lifestyle is like for people in Texas? Well my class got to have a first hand look at Fort Worth, Texas by Skyping with a grade 7/8 class in South West Christian School. I’ll be comparing it somewhat with my hometown of Wingham, Ontario. I hope that y’all are ready to learn about this remarkable state.

In Fort Worth, Texas, the temperature never drops below 0 degrees, and, like Wingham, gets it’s hottest temperature in July and August. Wingham gets a higher precipitation average than Fort Worth, by 294mm. The temperature grows much more rapidly in Wingham, while in Fort Worth, it pretty well stays hot all the time. Both Fort Worth and Wingham get some of our lowest amount of precipitation in July. Wingham gets our highest amount of precipitation in the months of January and December, while the opposite is true for Fort Worth.

Wingham, Ontario’s global position is Latitude is 43 degrees, 53’09.73” minutes North, and the Longitude is 81 degrees, 18’49.07” minutes West. The location for Fort Worth, Texas is Latitude is 32 degrees, 43’38.05” minutes North, and the Longitude is 97 degrees, 23’33.62” minutes West.

Based on the climate graphs, Fort Worth has a far higher temperature than Wingham does, meaning they won’t likely ever get a snow day. Instead, they can go to the beach during their winter season. In Wingham, if we tried to go swimming at the beach in the winter (we don’t have a beach in Wingham, but there is one close by), we would end up doing cannonballs onto a slab of ice. Also, in Fort Worth they can farm all year round if they want to, since their temperature never goes below 0 degrees Celsius. In Wingham, we can only farm from the spring up until the first month of fall.

One of the main things that I’d like to learn about Fort Worth that my climate graphs don’t tell me is about how their extreme weather (tornadoes, hurricanes, ect.) affects their lives, and if it affects the amount of school days they have.

I would also like to know how these types of storms affect the temperature and precipitation.

I would like to know if any of the stereotypes about Texans are true (they always talk with y’all, have rodeos daily, and have tons of horses for example), and if they are proud about being the only state in the US who can fly their flag just as high as the US flag. The flag is allowed to fly as high as the US flag because it was once it’s own country. Texas used to belong to Mexico, but broke away and decided to join up with the US later. Quite interesting!

The main body of water that runs along the coastline of Texas is known as the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is also where the BP oil spill took place.
    The Texas Rangers are finally going to the world series, their first time ever competing for the championship.

    On October 24, the Rice EF-2 tornado cut through Rice, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, causing extensive damage and injuring many people.

I hope you’ve learned some information that was new to you. It sure was interesting finding out that Texas was once it’s own country. Getting another chance to learn more about Texas; that’s what I dream about nowadays.


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  1. November 9Th 2010
    I love your personal voice! It’s very cheering. I just have a couple questions to ask you. On the paragraph about the BP oil spill, I thought it was good. Did you try to find a news story about the BP oil spill? Also another question I have for you is, would you like to sit in the water in the winter time? I know I would because that would be a nice winter getaway! Don’t you think?
    Hope you come and visit my blog soon at

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