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I Could’ve Helped

November 16, 2010

     In my class, I read Martin Niemoller’s quote “First They Came For…”, after learning more about WW2. To me, this quote tries to tell people to stand up for what they believe in, even if the consequences might be frightening.  My class was told to rewrite this quote to be a bit more related to today’s society, so I wrote this. Niemoller was a Pasteur who didn’t try to stand up for anybody who was being taken by the Nazis until it was too late. Neimoller had seen people get abused and treated unfairly, which is why I have mine written with experiences that I have seen. Writing the quote this way helps others realize what Neimoller’s life was like. I honestly have seen straight A students tease those kids who get lower grades, and I have also seen more athletic children laugh at those who are not to good at sports. I have stood up for them most of the time, but every now and then I don’t; they need to stand up for themselves to get their freedom.This quote is to show what type of scenarios occur these days.

First the store owners mocked the homeless families living on the street for not having any money — but I did not help them, for I was not homeless.

Then the athletic children sneered at the kids with physical disabilities for not being able to play sports — but I just looked away, for I did not have any disabilities.

Then the straight A students began to insult the kids who didn’t get good grades — but I remained silent, for I got good grades.

Then the bullies came after me — but there was no one left to stand up for me.



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