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The Word Shaker: The Last Book In The Max Series

January 25, 2011

My Idea Hive classmates and I have recently finished our ‘Word Shaker’ project, a mini story from ‘The Book Thief’, and I thought that I’d post all my group’s hard work on my blog. My group, by the way, consists of Kade and Cole from Snowlake, and me from Wingham. This part of the book, ‘The Word Shaker’ was meant to sound like it was made for a ten year old, so please forgive me if it sounds a little childish.


Once upon a time, many people were going to Frau Diller’s and buying more and more Nazi thoughts; getting brainwashed. They always remembered to say Heil Hitler. However, these poor unfortunate souls were being sucked into Hitler’s dark realm of hatred. They didn’t know what they could do to stand up, so they just became assimilated into his world. Everyone else’s nightmare. Hitler’s started brainwashing his own army, telling them that it was all the Jews fault to try to make his country into his own personal force of destruction. The many who had been convinced of these thoughts had no choice but to believe in them, to be able to continue their lives in Nazi Germany.   Hitler has began his rain of terror by planting his country with seeds of destruction; the world will soon be in Hitler’s hands.  Now that Hitler has control over his people, he has instructed them to carry on his evil ways against all of the Jewish souls being haunted by Hitler’s image at night.   Liesel has decided to not believe Hitler’s lies, and has begun planting some truth and peace amongst Hitlers lies and deceit.  The truth that Liesel had planted started to grow amongst the people, yet it was still unable to stand unable against the rest of the Germans.   Hitler is angry with the people who start to rebel against him, and make his soldiers destroy his enemies hopes by chopping down all of their peace. The peace has been destroyed like trees in a wildfire for the Jews, but Hitler would soon change this small fire and make it grow big enough to take out the world. All that will be left is some ashes of sanity to be swept up by his soldiers.   Liesel is now trying to save what’s left of her peace in Germany, by protesting against the Nazis like her papa Hans Huberman.  Liesel did not give up; she wouldn’t. She would stay with the truth and peace that the Fuhuer easily destroyed. Until there is no more.   Max is trying to help Liesel rebuild her peace. Max gathers up his tools, and sheds the odd feather, as he packs his bag. He’ll have to leave this world soon, but not before he tries to help Liesel understand what’s going on with the Nazis.   Max climbs the tree of peace to stand up with Liesel and help her keep it standing.  Max keeps climbing until he finds Liesel at the top of the tree, he’s determined to make it as he is trying to hold it all together; to help her stand up against the lies and hatred that the Fuhrer so graciously gives out.   Liesel and Max now have to shelter from the Nazis; who will come after them for not becoming assimilated to them, while still trying to hold onto their tree. They hold on with all their might, but the tree is becoming heavier by the second. Like another two lead weights are falling on their shoulders every second. They won‘t be able to hold on for much longer.   Now Max and Liesel are staring at the mess of Germany, wondering why everything has changed so much. As they stare down from the tree of peace, they are shocked at how the lies and hatred that have escaped from the lips of the devil’s associate could have wrecked the country that they once were proud of, in such a swift and efficient manner.

They’ve had enough anguish and now have to walk away from the world to save themselves. They thought intensely as they we angered at the country for what had happened; they were sure it would take more then what just a girl and a Jewish man could contribute to heal the scares that Hitler has so graciously left for the rest of the world. All they could do was walk away.


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